This Is Where It All Begins

Transparency is important for investors, that’s why we want you to know all the important information about our offer

Property type

Max loan amount

Property Conditions



SFR, Townhome,2-4 units



30 years

Fixed rates

Loan to value



Origination fee

Interest & principal deposit

Up to 70%

Starting at 5.0%


6 Months

Why Get Pre-Approval?

Know your borrowing capacity

Knowing how much your future mortgage might allow you to shop efficiently. You also avoid the trap of falling in love with a home that’s just unreachable. Time is money. Target your searches.

Protect your interest rate

Avoid the stress of market fluctuations by protecting your rate for 90 days. By being pre-approved, you can shop with peace of mind without rushing or delaying your purchase. Enjoy the security without committing to a loan.

One step ahead of other buyers

You are considered a serious buyer with a pre-approval. It financially reassures the seller and your broker that you’re not bluffing. Your cards are on the table.
Your offer is solid and you will be able
to negotiate.

How it works

“With the financing my clients can receive from Lendai I no longer need to run around to find new clients. By refinancing properties with Lendai I am able to multiply the number of deals I can make with my existing clients”
Nisan A.
Israeli investor

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