Cash Out Now and Lock Your Property Value​

Leverage now with the all-time high US property value to extract maximum equity from your US real estate investment
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US Financing Designed
for Foreign Investors​

Extract your equity

Today the market prices have risen thus allowing investors to cash-out on their existing accumulated equity and reuse the fund to invest in new opportunities.

Triple your buying power

Extract your equity to reinvest in new opportunities with cash in hand

Protection against inflation

Monthly payments stay fixed while inflation rates keep rising = better cash flow in the long run

Lendai's Partner Network​

Lendai Partners with the best real estate professionals to help foreign investors access US financing
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Exceptional customer service with a seamless experience! “We are not only foreign investors with properties in the US but we are also mortgage agents in Ontario and as a result, we have set the bar high for customer service. Michal from Lendai was exceptional as she was always there to answer questions and delivered on all her promises. The entire process with Lendai was quick, easy, and seamless. We will definitely use the services of Lendai as our real estate portfolio continues to grow abroad.”

Lee-Anne Nicholson​ Canadian Investor​​