Jonatan Zahav

Lendai has the quality of treating you like family, of welcoming you into the group. Yes it is everyone working hard toward a goal, but the working atmosphere is close and caring. And the goal is helping people advance in their life goals.

Pei Reyes

I am always happy to go to the Lendai office because I get to work with colleagues that have become my close friends. My coworkers are always smiling, and the team is always happy to help one another. As a customer success manager at Lendai, I feel I have a team behind me that wants […]

Gennady Gramovich

Working at Lendai I feel I can express myself, as a person and as a programmer. I am constantly challenged to solve complex problems. But when you solve them with the right people and team, like I do at Lendai, it becomes a journey. I am really happy to be on this journey and can’t […]

Ron Levy

Lendai is the best place to become the best version of yourself as a coder. At Lendai, I acquired many skills, both professional and personal, which allowed me to break through the glass ceiling of an ordinary employee into an independent field leader, who can do great things every day. Truly, awesome stuff.

Amit Meliches

I used to work in a big corporate company. I decided to accept an offer from Lendai to be able to influence more the product and processes. I love working through the challenges and feel that I am growing both professionally and personally.

Daniel Marx

One of my favorite things about working at Lendai is that I feel I am given the room I need to flourish and be my best self. I feel supported by my teammates and manager when I take on new challenges and tackle difficult problems that need solving, or when I want to visit friends […]