Lendai Webinar Series: Why invest in the US?

Our esteemed panel of experts discusses the ins and outs of investing. From understanding how to overcome obstacles to surrounding yourself with the best real estate team, unlock everything you need for a successful investment journey.
The panel of experts includes Steve H Bell Jr., Partner at HBI (Harding Bell International, Inc.), and Gregg Cohen, Co-Founder of JWB Real Estate Companies. The moderator is Hanah Frickers, UK & Europe Partner Sales at Lendai.

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Webinar Sit On The Fence Or Scale Like The Best
Podcasts & Webinars

Lendai Webinar Series: Sit on the Fence or Scale Like the Best

Join us as we explore the ever-changing and dynamic US real estate market with our esteemed panel of experts! From navigating an uncertain economy to analyzing potential opportunities, these professionals provide insight into how investors can expand their portfolios for success.

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