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Boost your long-term rental profits with Lendai's financing solutions for foreign investors

Lendai offers foreign investors a unique financing solution for their long-term rental properties. Through our unique Triple Digital Underwriting system and AI technology, we can offer loan amounts determined by the rental income generated by the property, allowing you to secure US financing without being limited by personal income. Our process is straightforward, and pricing is transparent with no hidden fees, enabling foreign investors to expand their US real estate investment portfolio.

Why Get a Long-Term Rental Loan?

Triple your buying power

By using other people’s money (i.e., a loan), you can buy a property that costs up to three times the amount of your existing equity. If you have $300,000 of equity, you can buy a $200,000 home through financing.

Diversify your investment

If you have $300,000 of equity, you can either purchase one home worth $300,000, or you can finance and then be able to invest three $100,000 homes. Your equity is then spread into three properties, thus lowering your risk on each property.

Low amortization

Enjoy the best cash flow possible from your asset through a 30-year loan, minimize your principal payments, and increase your monthly cash returns.

Financing Options


New purchase

Cash-out refinance​

Portfolio finance​

Loan terms designed for Foreign Investors

$ 0 M
Max loan amount
Up to 0 %
Loan to value
0 years
Fixed rate

PPP Buyout options

Condos, Single-Family,
2-4 units, Townhouses

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Who We Are

Lendai is a tech-enhanced direct lender financing US real estate properties for foreign investors through a fast, efficient, and transparent process.

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