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Lendai partner programs

Why Management companies choose to be Lendai’s partners?


Increase your income by tens of percent

Market to existing customers and get rewarded


Continuous income

You will be rewarded both by closing the deal and throughout the life of the loan


Leverage your customer base

You have hundreds or thousands of customers, whose profit margins are low. Lendai will allow you to leverage your existing customer base, and increase your profitability


No need for expertise

We will adjust the financing offer to your customers



We will lead the process in front of the customer


No license required

Ready to go from day 1

Grow your business as a Lendai partner

Get a free Salesforce-based CRM system built specifically for entrepreneurs like you. In it you can manage all the marketing activities of your projects.

In a few minutes, your foreign customers will be able to receive a competitive financing offer from us.

You can easily update us on the dates when the funding will be required.

The loan process

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