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Lendai partner programs

Why Realtors Choose To Be Lendai’s Partners?


Increase the volume of each transaction

Your customers will be able to make bigger deals with the financing we will make available to them


Increase the number of transactions

The financing we provide can enable your customers to make more transactions


Offer refinancing to customers who purchased through you

Contact foreign customers who have purchased properties with your help and receive a reward from us


Save time and effort

No more running around to lenders, a complete and simple solution


Close a deal on the spot

With the help of our point-of-sale mortgage, you can close the deal within minutes of referring the customer


Stand out from the competition

Create a competitive advantage over other realtors who market real estate to foreign investors

Grow your business as a Lendai partner

Get a free Salesforce-based CRM system built specifically for entrepreneurs like you. In it you can manage all the marketing activities of your projects.

In a few minutes, your foreign customers will be able to receive a competitive financing offer from us.

You can easily update us on the dates when the funding will be required.

The loan process

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