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Lendai is a fintech lender financing US real estate properties for foreign investors

Our mission is to change an outdated trillion-dollar market by utilizing technology to level the playfield for global investors in the US residential real estate market. We enable our customers to achieve their financial goals through digital solutions that create a simple, fast, and efficient online financing process. Our unique AI algorithms and online platform are transforming the way foreign investors access US financing.

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US mortgage loan for overseas investors with Lendai our story

How It All Began​

“A few years ago, a friend of mine told me that he has real estate assets in Arizona and is interested in leveraging them and acquiring more, but he can’t get a mortgage loan because he is not American. He couldn’t find a reasonable solution, and I realized that he was not the only one in the same position. Many private investors have a difficult time finding financing solutions for their real estate investment properties in the United States.

So, I gathered Yair, Erez, and Tim, each one a star in his field, to join me in this journey. Our goal is to enable you, the global investor, to enjoy simple and cost-effective financing for your investment properties in the US. We want to allow you to increase your overall profits and achieve your financial goals.”

Boaz Leviatan, CFO and Credit Manager of Lendai

We’re a Global Company​

Lendai is a constantly growing global tech company with offices in the US, Canada, Argentina, the UK, Israel, and India, serving clients from 5 continents.

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