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German Investor

$447K Loan Amount


British Investor

$104K Loan amount


Canadian Investor

$110K Loan amount


Australian Investor

$273K Loan amount


Israeli Investor

$1M Loan amount

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“As a foreign investor the difficulties in getting a loan that makes sense were hard to come by until I found Lendai's products that perfectly suited my needs. Applying online was super easy, the team was great at communicating throughout the entire process and super responsive”

Sherwin A.​
Australian investor​

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for Foreign Investors


Thanks to our technological edge, the entire loan process is fully online from the comforts of your home​


From application until closing, the whole process can take as little as 14 days​


We are committed to full pricing transparency and will provide you a detailed offer without hidden fees

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Lendai partners with the best real estate professionals to help foreign investors access US financing. Your investment team should include Lendai so we can help you grow and diversify your investment portfolio in the US and thus lower your risk.​

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