Maximizing Cross-Border Investments: How Lendai Empowers Canadian Mortgage Brokers To Expand Their Offerings

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The US real estate market offers rich opportunities for Canadian investors. Facilitating these cross-border deals, however, requires a precise understanding of this dynamic landscape. This is where Canadian mortgage brokers come into play.

By expanding their expertise to include US property loans, they not only open up a new revenue stream for their business but also offer a valuable service to their clients, thereby deepening trust and fostering long-term relationships.

By teaming up with Lendai, a fintech lender with a focus on financing US investment properties for foreign investors, Canadian mortgage brokers can effortlessly broaden their offerings to encompass US property loans. This strategic collaboration not only opens up a lucrative revenue stream for their business but also empowers them to cater to the unique needs of their Canadian clients. Why direct clients elsewhere when partnering with Lendai allows you to be the trusted resource for your long-term clients, solidifying trust and nurturing enduring relationships? 

The goal of the blog article is to highlight the lucrative opportunities available in the US real estate market for Canadian investors and the pivotal role Canadian mortgage brokers could play in navigating this dynamic environment with the help of Lendai. With a strategic partnership with Lendai, Canadian mortgage brokers can efficiently extend their loan offerings and this collaboration is presented as a way to meet the unique needs of Canadian clients. The article  also  explores the key differences between the Canadian and US loan markets, touches on the legal and regulatory aspects, and shares practical tips to streamline the lending process.

How the Canadian and US Real Estate Loan Markets Differ

In a bid to serve their clients more effectively, it’s essential for Canadian mortgage brokers to understand the nuances that differentiate the Canadian and US real estate loan markets.

Mortgage Processing and Approval Times

The mortgage approval process in Canada typically spans 5-10 business days, with the closing occurring approximately 30 days following the initial offer. In contrast, the U.S. mortgage process involves several key milestones within its standard cycle. After the initial offer, there are further deposit dates, often ranging from 10 to 20 business days, which generally align with the waiving of certain clauses. Subsequently, the closing is usually scheduled for 10 to 20 business days after all conditions have been met and the clauses have been firmly established.


The documentation needed for loan approval varies significantly between the U.S. and Canada, particularly when it comes to loans in the U.S. for Foreign Nationals. Some U.S. loan programs may not require any Canadian documentation at all, focusing exclusively on the U.S. property in question. Conversely, other programs might necessitate Canadian income documentation, a common requirement for brokers. Ultimately, the specific documents needed are determined by the type of loan being sought. This variability underscores the importance of understanding the distinct requirements of each loan program to navigate the approval process effectively.

Mortgage Interest

In Canada, mortgage interest is deductible solely against the income generated from an investment property, not against personal income tax. However, in the U.S., the rules are somewhat similar but offer more flexibility, allowing mortgage interest to be deducted from personal income tax depending on the property’s ownership type. This distinction highlights the nuanced differences in tax benefits related to mortgage interest between the two countries, emphasizing the importance of understanding the specific tax implications based on the property’s ownership structure in the U.S.

Down Payment

The US typically requires larger amounts for investment property, with the standard being at least 25% of the home’s value but will usually be determined based on the properties income.


In the U.S., amortization periods for mortgages are standardized at 30 years, with the majority of loans being fully amortized over this term. This is a stark contrast to the Canadian system, where the standard amortization term is set at 5 years, requiring Canadians to renew their mortgages at the end of each term. This significant difference underlines the more consistent repayment structure in the U.S., eliminating the need for periodic renewal common in Canada.

Closing Costs

Closing costs in Canada typically range from 2.5% to 3% of the purchase price, primarily driven by land transfer taxes and legal fees. In the US, closing costs are about the same, but can also vary due to items like state taxes, title insurance, and origination fees.

Other Expenses

Additional costs such as application fees, mortgage originations, prepayment fees for early payoff, appraisal fees, inspection, and title closing costs can also differ between the two markets. Awareness of these potential expenses is crucial for Canadian mortgage brokers guiding their clients through the loan process in the US.

Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Cross-Border  Transactions

When Canadian Brokers partner with Lendai, they gain a distinct advantage through Lendai’s team of experienced loan specialists who possess a deep understanding of the US real estate market. Lendai also has strategic partnerships with seasoned US tax and legal firms specializing in foreign investments. These firms are well-versed in the complexities of cross-border transactions, offering tailored assistance to meet the unique investment needs of Canadians venturing into the US property market. In this collaboration, it’s not merely about locating the ideal property; it’s equally about navigating the intricacies of US legal frameworks to ensure a seamless transaction process.

Partnering with Lendai for Streamlined Cross-Border Mortgage Processes

Lendai significantly simplifies the cross-border mortgage process for Canadian mortgage brokers and their clients by offering comprehensive support and expertise in several key areas:

  • Financing Progams and Expertise: Lendai educates Canadian mortgage brokers and their clients on the various financing options available to foreign investors in the US, including short- and long-term rental loans, new purchases, cash-out refinancing, and portfolio finance. This knowledge enables tailored financial solutions.
  • Professional Network Access: Lendai opens doors to its vast network of professionals within the US real estate industry, offering invaluable advice and assistance, and thus, streamlining the mortgage process.
  • Tax Guidance and Regulatory Insights: By partnering with Legal and Tax Companies and advisors, Lendai can put you and your client in touch with the best professionals ensuring you are well-prepared for this new investment journey.
  • Pre-approval Facilitation: Lendai recommends and facilitates mortgage pre-approval for clients, accelerating the purchasing process and providing clarity on budget constraints.
  • Property Management Solutions: Recognizing the challenges of managing a US property from abroad, Lendai connects clients with trusted property management services specializing in international clients. This partnerships aids in loan qualification and simplifies property management, making it a hassle-free experience for Canadian investors.
  • Insurance Services: Lendai also offers insurance services, providing clients with the best quotes for their investment properties. This ensures that clients’ investments are protected with the most cost-effective and comprehensive coverage available.
  • US Entity Formation Services: For clients looking to maximize their investment structure, Lendai provides US Entity Formation Services. This assists investors in setting up a U.S.-based entity in a few simple steps, optimizing their investment for tax benefits and legal protection.

By leveraging Lendai’s specialized services, Canadian mortgage brokers can offer their clients a seamless and efficient path to investing in the US real estate market, addressing every aspect from financing to property management, insurance, and legal entity formation.

Broadening Horizons With US Loans

This expansion os services with Lendai not only caters to the growing demand among Canadians for US properties but also opens up a new market for brokers.

Becoming a Lendai partner is your key to unlocking these opportunities. With Lendai, you can increase the closing rates of mortgages, discover new markets, enhance productivity, enjoy fast payouts, and experience full transparency.

Don’t just stand on the edge of the US loan market. Dive in with Lendai as your trusted partner. Take the first step today towards expanding your horizons and elevating your brokerage to new heights. Set up a free call with us today ! Click here to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Lendai loan broker marketing partner and get started today.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Lendai loan broker marketing partner and get started today.

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